Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Classic Car Show: Details

Its all in the details.
Classic car manufacturers really understood this while still paying attention to sleek lines.
It was so influential, in fact, that the streamline-deco that we all love so much was influenced by the early transportation designs; planes, trains, and automobiles.

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet up with friends, Jeff & Helen of heLENS photography at the Hazeldean Mall's Tuesday classic car show. It also gave me a chance to use my new-ish phone yet again.
I gotta say, I am super impressed with it's photo feature.

I decided to concentrate on the details, with a couple of full car photos here and there. This one in particular was taken for Hubby since he loves the rat-rod. I gotta admit, there is something charming about the rust.

It is also important to point out that none of these photos have been retouched, cropped, or photoshopped in any way (except the watermark). I really wanted to show how impressive my phone is. What is the phone, you ask? Oh, well let me tell you! It is a Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows phone). No this isn't an advertisement... but maybe it should be. *wink, wink, Nokia....

 Also, I may have gone a little crazy taking photos of hood ornaments. I just couldn't help myself! There were so many cool ones. I am still waiting to find one whilst junking... but so far - no dice.

And the colours!! Love love love the colours.

This little guy, was the only colour on an otherwise understated paintjob.

I also went from classic to muscle car - if it was interesting, I shot it.

So much work going into this Chevy Nova - this could be the most pristine engine I have ever seen.

I was drawn to hoods in general - the sense of movement or speed was too attractive.

A retro Citroen and a classic Chevy Special Deluxe.

This bird was ready to take off.

I really enjoyed the colour blocking - a design trend in both fashion and design.

Always been a sucker for a Studebaker - plus it gave a bit of the goings on in the background.

 Another hood ornament at two different angles.

... And another. The head looks amazing from both angles.

It may not be politically correct, but I just love the Pontiac head.

And I don't know how the number 8 relates to this Pontiac, but it is super cool.

The contrasting lines of the grill - repetition - a basic element of design.
I am also diggin' the original 'Dodge Brothers' emblem beneath the ram.

 This Chrysler has a chrome mustache!

With the hood open it really emphasized the rocket about to fly.

Leather straps on a Model A.

 Grouse are fast? Maybe, maybe not - but Gazelles certainly are!

Such a mirror finish, you can see me taking the photo.

 Sometimes the imperfect is perfect.

Hope you enjoyed this photo essay of one of the Ottawa Car shows.
Click on the above link to see where they are throughout the summer. I just discovered that they come to Carleton Place on Wednesdays!!


  1. Rideau Antiques may be your best bet for old car bits and bobs. I've also got a lead on a hood ornament if you are interested. From the 40's with clean deco lines. You'll love it. Let me know.

  2. AND... please check out a bike show too! Good classic bike shows are always going on around your hood. Pics please!


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