Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Husband: Weekend Plumber

I feel the need to prove my husband is still alive ( after the last post ) and show off his weekend project!

I guess I should start by telling you that last year, our garden and all living in it were as dead as can be. Note the completely dead hanging baskets. Sure my Hostas are doing okay, but they are hearty.

We have 2 outdoor taps, so we went down into our crawl space and turned on the water to outside. The front tap, didn't do anything, the side tap, shoots water out the side of the copper that leads to the spigot, and most curiously, the corner of our patio has a bubbling pool of water springing up.

I showed my mom when she was here last summer, and we surmised that there was likely a tap that came up from the ground there. Here on the post, you can see where the pipe would have been held.

And here too... Plus, I found a pipe (seen just to the left on the green chair, that was approximately the right length to work in that capacity.

This spring, Hubby and I start doing some actual investigating. First we find this hose that snakes around the trees that divide our property and the neighbours. It appears to go into the ground on our side.

And it continues around to towards our house... But then we realized that neither end was actually attached to anything. Dead end.

So Hubby does the next logical thing... Start digging. (Hubby is obviously not a real plumber given I can't see his plumber's crack...)

Plus, it gives him an excuse to finally use that tool he was so proud of; it has a shovel on one end and a pick on the other.

Not too far down, we strike gold!

We find the connection that is bringing the water. Hubby measures it and the pipe it is connected to.

He then buys a new connection, plus an elbow to connect to the existing pipe.

With a new spigot in place, this project looks like it might actually work!!

Some flex strapping to hold it in place while we find some wood...

And Ta-Da!!
A useable tap!
It will make my back garden a whole lot more green, with a whole lot less work. Lurve it. Lurve Hubby!


  1. Truly I did try and concentrate on the new water-line, but to be honest, mostly I noticed that Mor still has a nice butt! I wonder where mine went....?

    1. Not sure who this is... but yes he does.

  2. Your Hubby has a nice butt. Looks firm, yet moist like a sponge cake.

    1. I love that my husband tries to pass himself off as a random comment-er, just so he can talk about his own butt. Right 'Shortie McLongsocks'?


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