Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Mini Project: Threshold Beautification

We needed to replace the rubber gasket on our threshold. This past winter it was obvious that a draft had developed from under the door. 

It is a super simple task: Purchase new aluminum threshold, cut it to length, and install it.

Once I got the old threshold off, however, I couldn't ignore how much it needed a new paint job.

Why, oh why do I make easy tasks into a whole thing?

So, I pulled out some leftover paint from my daughter's bedroom makeover. Okay, so it didn't take that much more effort, and only an extra hour of time to allow paint to dry. But I am still going to complain.

That looks way better, though!

Though, now I want to sand the door, paint the trim, change the entrance rug.... Okay, Okay, all that for another day.

Mini Project: Cat Scratch Fever, Leather Club Chair edition

The pandemic probably sparked a lot of cats to get their forever homes since we all suddenly found ourselves at home a lot more in 2020. We got the sweetest, cuddliest fur-ball, Loki.

With that, for us at least, also came the addition of some pieces of furniture becoming ad hoc scratching posts. For us, it was the dining room curtains, a red chesterfield, and our brown leather club chair. Yes, he is still alive, mostly due to the cuddles he provides.

Oh, he really did a number on our club chair, though.
However, not all hope is lost. The great thing about good quality leather furniture, is that it can patina with time, so nicks and scratches aren't the end of the world... and leather is somewhat repairable.

Luckily, I also remember my genius friend at the Interior DIYer had this very same issue with a chair that she had. 

I followed smart her instructions, mostly, with one small addition; my safety razor. I found it worked especially well with the furriness, but do be careful as it can take nicks out of the leather if you are not careful. (And do give a safety razor a try. I did so for environmental reasons, but I have saved so much money as well).
I also fully buffed my shoe polish afterwards, as I am sure the brand I used would come off on clothes if not done properly.

It is far from perfect, but is absolutely far better than it was. 

Here he is returning to the scene of the crime, as if nothing has happened. Nature's serial killer, also dabbles in stabby graffiti. 

The last thing to do was place his new scratching post nearby, pre-loaded with Feliscratch. It has worked, and he has not touched the chair since. YAY for small victories!

I hope it works for you, too!

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Gratitude Project: Teacher's Survival Kit

 I live in the province of Alberta and our kids are about to go into 3 weeks of online learning again.

This is totally necessary, and I support it whole-heartedly. That said, it is never easy, and moreover, the last time we did online learning, I realized how difficult it would be for the teacher.


Thanks to the Dollar Store I had a great box.

And what is the best way to survive online learning? Be drunk and eat stuff!

So I stocked my kit with the following:

Bottle of wine






& an "It's OK" sticker

Buy Box.

Add divider.

Add wine.

Fill with goodies.

On a serious note: Teacher's are undervalued. Especially during this past year. During a pandemic my kid's teacher has been a bright spot in my child's day. Always upbeat and sunny. She truly cares about these kids and their success. She teaches them empathy and kindness, something I feel you can only do if you already embody those traits. 

So to you, Ms, Cluette-Alstad, I am so grateful to you.