Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Retro TV Room: Gallery Wall

As this house slowly evolves, I set my sights on our retro TV room and a way to lighten up the dark wood paneling. Check out this post about the last time I did anything to the room.

Plus, we've been so lucky to have some great photographs taken, in part to Burovision providing photo shoots for designers back when I lived in Ottawa. What a delightfully generous thing for them to have done. Then we were lucky enough to move to Edmonton, and our incredible realtor, Jerry Aulenbach does the same thing for his Clients! So what is one to do with all of those great photos? Put them up in a gallery wall!

Using adhesive picture hangers will avoid damaging the wall, but will also make it a quick and easy project.

I started with the cardboard moose head that was already on the wall for two reasons, A) it is interesting and B) it is already white, which is exactly what I am after. So first I put up a small grouping.

I used different textures, sizes and thicknesses of frames, some with mattes and some without. Again, the name of the game is "visual interest".
The trick to a cohesive grouping with disparate items, is to maintain a consistent space around/between each frame.

It is looking good even in this small amount, and certainly brightens up the space.

Then I gradually kept adding frames until I achieved this:

As I find more photos, I will keep adding to the wall, hopefully covering the whole width.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it!