Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jim Power & Mosaic Magic

I  came across this Vimeo video a while back, and was really affected by how it made me feel. I love not only this gentleman's determination, but also his story, and his love for his city.

Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail from Etsy on Vimeo.

I thought I would share not only his story, but also some beautiful mosaic work done by my former derby teammate - Louise aka - Blackout Susan.

By Louise Goodman
As you can see there is some Mexican Day of the Dead influence here, which I absolutely love. I am a big fan of Louise's use of colour and texture.

A couple of other great but much more serene images, show the type of range that can be accomplished by the use of smaller pieces or more or less negative space (or grout) used.

By Louise Goodman
This one is an unusual shape - taking advantage of the circle to create movement within the image itself - Brilliant.

By Louise Goodman
And finally, my favorite; this one hits on two things I love - adaptive reuse, and randomness.
Why throw out a perfectly good guitar just because it has lost its strings? Why not turn it into a truly beautiful piece of artwork?

By Louise Goodman
I love it so much, here is a close up view. Just stunning. Note the little skull mosaic on the right. It is nice to know such talented people.

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  1. Awesome pieces, and it's a medium I've wanted to try for ages. I adore the circular piece by Louise. It has perfect flow to it. I really like the calm colours in the second piece - I think it's a seated figure. It works so well with the vibrant orange backdrop.


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