Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Mini Project: Spice Drawer

My spices have been a mess above my microwave. They are difficult to go through, they are up too high, they are just all wrong.

So, I decided to move them to the drawer. That is also a mess... HA!

Cue this mini project!

In order to stop the slide, I figured a tiered system would work. I've seen similar available for purchase in bamboo. I went to Home Depot's hobby section and picked up a 48"x 6" wood board, and a 48" x 1" wood board.

My drawer is 16" wide by 19" deep, so I cut the boards into 16" wide pieces. Then, then I sanded them down, and used wood glue and clamps to create 3 little steps.

I put a staple in each one just to ensure a stronger connection. I removed the clamps, then put each step or tier into the drawer,

Then I put my spices in alphabetical order and that is it! 

A quick and easy project that only took an hour.