Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Mini Project: Garage Numbers

I finally got sick of looking at this sorry excuse for house numbers. It is actually in the back alley, on the garage, so you don't see it from the front of the house, but this is Edmonton, and we have a whole network of back alleys.

Each time I drive up and park my car in the garage, I am reminded of this eye-sore, but then immediately forget about it.

Not today, Satan!! I bought some new 4", peel'n'stick, black, metal numbers from Home Depot and brought them home.

Once I removed the screws from the old number plate, I knew I would have to seal the holes, which wouldn't look great. 

That is when I got a sneaky, simple idea. I used one of the 1/4" trim lengths that I had laying around, and painted it black.

Then I caulked the screw holes, and installed the new black trim over it to create a visual anchor for the rest of the numbers. 

Th rest was simple: Wash the surface with mineral spirits; measure off the distance from each side; stick the 1 and 5 first followed by the 2 in the middle. 

The only downside of upgrading your house numbers is that it makes you side eye everything else... Like that brown trim. I'll get to it soon. Thank you for stopping by!!