Friday, 3 May 2013

Infographic: Bauhaus Style

I am a huge fan of Bauhaus style! Maybe its because of the holistic style of teaching, where different disciplines (painting, architecture, furniture design, etc) of art were taught together?

Philip Johnson's Glass House, borrowed from: Architectural Digest

So why am I discussing this today? I recently when to the ARIDO (the interior design professional association for my province) Annual General Meeting, and watched a fantastic documentary about Philip Johnson called, "Diary of an Eccentric Architect". Philip Johnson is also a Bauhaus alum (and Black Mountain College, which anyone in my profession knows was an important art & design school). I have loved his glass house since I first saw it.

Mart Stam cantilever chair: Borrowed from: Bauhaus to Your House

Well, like I said, I am a huge fan of Bauhaus style, as seen in my purchase of 2 Mart Stam chairs. What? Mart Stam wasn't a student of the Bauhaus? You would be right. BUT, his tubular steel chair did influence Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, who later came out with their cantilever chairs. Of course, there was a patent lawsuit that ensued later about whether Stam or Breuer was the first one with a cantilever chair (a lawsuit that Stam won) but I digress.
Mies Van Der Rohe cantilever chair:
Borrowed from Bauhaus to Your House

Marcel Breuer D40 cantilever chair:
Borrowed from Bauhaus to Your House



Alright, now to the purpose of my post today; the INFOGRAPHIC.
All you will ever need to know about the whos-who and whats-what of the Bauhaus movement.
Inforgraphic from Arch Daily


  1. Mies Van Der Rohe is one of my favourites. He was a genius. I'm embarrassed to say my art/architecture history knowledge is horrific and is something I've been meaning to brush up on. I'm just terrible with history. I nearly failed it throughout highschool.

    You've just given me an idea ...


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