Monday, 3 June 2013

DIY Wedding 2010: Part 2

In my previous post, DIY Wedding 2010: Part 1, I showed you the beginnings of the DIY projects for the wedding. In this post, we move into the table decorations!

Table numbers were important, and just like with the books from the last post, I played with various patterns.

This was also the moment that we decided that we were not going to go with flowers at our wedding. I think I felt like I would be a fraud if I had all of these beautiful flower arrangements on the tables, when I couldn't keep a single African violet alive for more than a month.
Adding to that was that we didn't want cake either... which led us to do lemon tarts (my hubby's favorite) which also tied into our colour theme of Grey, black and yellow. Adding lemons to the centre pieces seemed a no-brainer.

I should also mention that this was a project that was done at the wedding location. I did the mock-up at home, then Hubby and I hit the local Value Village when we arrived and scavenged the store for glass vases and bowls. I liked the mismatched theme, all tied together by a commonality.

This project was sooo much fun. I made pomanders made of ribbon.
Man, do I ever wish I had taken photos of my process, since it is harder to describe... but I will still give it a try.

1. I cut a million different patterns of ribbon into 3 inch strips.
2. I bought styrofoam balls and standard sewing pins.
3. I curled each ribbon into a circle, put the pin in where the two ends overlapped, and then stuck the pin into the styrofoam ball.
Clear as mud?
4. I repeated this, turning each ribbon roll at a 90 degree angle to the one next to it, until the whole ball was covered and no bare spots showed through. Each ball took me (not including cutting the ribbon) about 2-3 hours.

Each ribbon ball had between 3 and 6 different types of pattern. As you can see, the black one has the most types of patterns, and the grey, the least.

This next project was super fun.
I made 3D letters for the small table that Mor & I would be seated at.
First, I cut out the letters in foam core. Since I just finished my degree in Interior Design, I cannot tell you how many architectural models I have made... so by the time I did this project, I was already a pro with foam core.

With a back and front to all of the letters, I then needed to connect them using carefully measured strips of thick paper. All of this is done with a common white glue, and a lot of patience.

Once that was dry, I then added the cutouts for the front and the back in a contrasting colour.

As you can see, I did the ampersand exactly the opposite to the other two letters.
I still have it today, which is amazing. I didn't expect it to survive the trip to BC and then the trip home again.
You can see it my Reclaimed Door Post or in the Boring Side Table Post.

The next project, was super simple, it was just a framed passage and items that the reception venue, Masa's Restaurant provided for us. It had a huge impact on everyone who checked it out at the wedding.

I remember my Mom shedding a tear after reading it, and it was a great tribute to those we had lost recently, like Hubby's Grandfather.

Just like the last project, making a sign for the Candy Bar was as easy as printing and placing.
Not a single photo was taken of the Candy Bar, so I appologize for not providing a visual. I hope some people out there did, and will forward them to me.

The cake topper was a funny accident. My friend Leila came home from Mexico with two adorable little Day of the Dead bride and groom. I figured, why not, and used them!
The DIY aspect of this post comes from the cake stands.

Like the table centre-pieces, we waited until we were in BC and bought cool platters and candle sticks at Value Village. Using Gorilla Glue, we glued the candle sticks on the bottom of the platters to elevate them. It turned out brilliantly. Unfortunately, this is one of the only photos taken of our tarts - I can see by the missing ones, that this was after desert was served. LOL.

Stay tuned for Part 3 next Monday!


  1. 1. I was completely able to follow your ribbon-ball tutorial. Ace.
    2. Foam core board still gives me heart palpitations. Bad college memories.
    3. You are some kind of wizard.
    4. That single setting is amazing. Wish I could have included that is our wedding for Robert's dad.
    5. We didn't go for a traditional tiered cake either! We did go for cake, but it was massive carrot cake. Mine and hubby's favouritest.


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