Thursday, 1 September 2016

In My Wheele House Turns 4!

Time certainly has flown by.

What started as a way to a) satisfy my DIY urges and b) fill our very large but empty house with furniture has turned into something of an archive of our time here.

So how did it start... with a disgusting, dusty, broken ottoman.

Seriously, gross. BUT, with a little hard work, a lot of coats of red paint, and an awesomely bold pattern, I was able to turn it into something quite wonderful.

I love this 'after' shot because you can see how empty our place still is at this point.
No rug, no artwork, no lighting. Sad really.

Over the past 4 years, that ottoman has seen its share of love.
Greyson still claims his little spot of sun whenever he can.

Then came along this little bundle of trouble...
Which lead us to my very first ottoman cleaning post.

The ottoman was a coffee table, an extra seating spot, a perfect vignette base, and so many others.

It has been a wild 4 years with many changes. I wonder what projects and adventures will fill the next 4?