Friday, 31 August 2012

Fan Fun

I found this fun little Caframo fan at Value Village for a couple of bucks. On a whim I decided to buy it.
Despite its small size, it pushes a significant amount of air, and its quirky triangular stand is appealing to me.

Upon getting it home, I realized that it has an un-polarized plug on it. That tells me that it has a little bit of age to it. Since I find history of things very interesting, I started googling Caframo and their products. This is what I know: Caframo started in 1955 and are Canadian.

To this day, Caframo manufacutres its goods in Wiarton, Ontario. Anything Canadian excites me, so I consider this a good find. Another clue to some age, is the Caframo logo itself. On the website, the lettering has been beefed up, but here on the fan, the lettering is more delicate. 

Upon inspection, I noticed a patent number at the back of the blades. The patent number comes back as a patent submitted in 1979 and approved in 1981. Now we know how old this fan is; 30 years old and it still runs incredibly well.

The entire fan is really in need of a good cleaning, especially the blades, which have accumulated grime in the vents.

I removed the blade, and will start by taping off of the pieces that I want to keep original, such as some of the cream parts, the cord, and the metal stand.

When thinking about colour, I started thinking a vintage colour that is far beyond the fan's actual years.

The VW bus is beautiful, and works for what I am thinking. The greyed out version of this colour, however, does not work for me.

This Corvette is closer to the colour, however I am thinking the colour a little bit bright.

 This Austin Healey, is closer to the lighter colour that I am after. BUT first, I definitely need to clean this fan.

Once it is clean and dry, I begin taping off all of the areas that I want to protect; the cord, the stand, and the on/off button.

The first coat goes on and covers well. When painting plastics, the less coats the better.

I pop the blade back onto the fan, and it looks amazing.

A view from above...  Reminds me of a mosquito!

And an action shot!


  1. I love it Pat!! The fan looks so great, you really gave it a new lease at life!

    1. Thank you!
      It is an attractive little fan once the colour was changed.

  2. I'm a fan of your Fan!!!


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