Tuesday, 21 August 2012

This old house... Empty!

As the owners of a new house (and a 128 year old one at that) we have found that we do not have nearly enough furniture to furnish our 2 extra bedrooms, extra dining room, and extra living room. Wow. Living in a condo meant we had very little furniture, which worked great at the time.

SO, here we are, slowly accumulating items that we just plain love, or items that we see potential in.

I hope this blog will a) be easy for our parents to navigate to see all of the changes we make, as we make them; b) be inspiration to anyone else looking to do some DIY projects; and c) get my husband off my back... he's been asking me to make a blog for months now. LOL It is nice that he is proud of my efforts.

Please stay tuned.
Lots more to come.


  1. Definately need more pictures of the house Pat.....SophiePG

    1. Ya.
      I agree. I just keep getting wrapped up in projects, and forget to take an overall. I did, however draw an entire floor plan and elevations. I should post those.


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