Friday, 24 August 2012

Cabinet Craze

I really need a place to put all of my sewing supplies, especially if I am going to continue to re-upholster furniture.

Enter this mid-century modern credenza that I found at a second-hand furniture store for $10.

It was functionally, fantastic.
Aesthetically, however, it needed some serious work.
The top had some bad staining, as did the inside.

 As such, the cabinet and doors needed to be sanded.

I was a little worried after sanding the doors since it felt like I had actually made them worse...

Luckily everything looked amazing as the stain was wiped off. Phew.

The stain colour I chose is a water-based one called 'ipswich'. I tried to match it to the original since sanding veneer can only go so far before it sands right through.

Although I do enjoy distressed furniture, some of the discolouration on the top was just too unsightly to be kept.
I devised a plan to cover them, whilst also making the cabinet graphic and interesting.

After the stain, the cabinet stood for 3 days to ensure that enough drying/curing had taken place. I then used painter's tape to create stripes (that would go over the worst of the stains) on the top of the credenza and down one door. *note: painter's tape does not always stick well to stained wood.*

I also took this opportunity to paint the great spindly legs that came with the credenza. They were a sad dark brown colour, and just needed to be brightened up. A couple of quick coats of white paint did the job.

After the painting the stripes, the cabinet still needed something. Although I was considering going all 'Herbie the Lovebug' on it and putting a circle 53 on the front, I then decided to draw inspiration from Anthropologie number furniture.

The numbers look fantastic, and are in a style that evokes the nostalgia of the cabinet's era.

Finally able to get it out of the shop and into the house, I was able to put the legs back on it and set it upright.
The wood-grain on the doors came out better than I could have hoped. The top looks great too, but with a bit more wear and tear.

Inside is all of my sewing supplies, ready for the next project! Note the adorable pin-holder that my best friend brought me back from Disney World.

Thanks for tuning in. Don't forget to comment if you like what you see!


  1. Pat, I am blown away by your creativity! Will look at some of the things around here with a different set of eyes. Can't wait to see what you do with the chairs.

  2. I am so glad you like it! I too, am interested to see what the chairs will look like.

  3. the stripes make it look fast, and the numbers help me know which drawer to open first!

  4. Bahahahahah, you are so funny.

  5. Man, that is the awesome-sauce Pat. I'm not big into retro, but that's fab. Well done!

  6. Thanks Hydra,
    I am pretty happy with how it turned out... surprised really.


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