Sunday, 9 September 2012

Haunted Attic Chair Sneak Peak

Hi all,

I am absolutely dying to show you our haunted attic chair, but I am missing only one component in order to finish it.

Until I get that piece, I can't post it... BUT I can give you a sneak peak at where it started. The photo below is just after I cleaned the pieces and began to puzzle it together.

This is a bit of the background:

Before we moved into our home, we had to have vermiculite removed from the attic. While they were up there, we also had them re-insulate the attic to avoid issues later on (winter). The guys pulled a bunch of items from the attic including files from 1961, a vintage light-up lawn snowman, Tupperware, and finally a box full of wood pieces. The wood was in a plastic bin that had water in it, leaving the ends of some of them moldy.

 After cleaning the wood pieces with vinegar and water, I thought I might have a rocking chair on my hands.
At this point, my husband protested! He said, "If that is a rocking chair, and it gets assembled, and it starts rocking on its own one day... I'm outta here!"

Stay tuned to see if is haunted or not...........


  1. Hopes it's done by Halloween. MU-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


    1. It is done, and will be posted later today!


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