Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mart Stam Chair Help

I found two Mart Stam chairs randomly at a second hand furniture store. The owner didn't seem to know what he had, so I scooped them up for cheap.

That isn't to say that they don't need a little love.
The overall aesthetic of them, however, is great. Bauhaus style is timeless as far as I am concerned.
To be honest, I just like me a good cantilever chair!

The chair is leather and bent steel.
Unfortunately, the underside of the leather seat, which was originally lined with a card-like substrate, has started to tear and crumble apart. Mind you, after 70+ years, I guess that is to be expected.

I have a theory on how to potentially fix this issue; since it is leather, taking the seat to a shoe repair place (I have one in mind that has always been phenomenal) to be re-stiched.
The main issue is what to do about the support.
Should I replace it with cardboard again?
If so, where do I find something like that.

I had one upholsterer suggest seeing a luggage repair place that would have something.
Or perhaps I should skip that part and replace it with something else...
I dunno. If you in the blog-o-sphere have any suggestions, send them my way!

The chairs have made a welcome addition to our entertainment room, and even Grey-dog loves them.


  1. Hi there, did you end up getting the chairs restored? And if so, how did you go about it? I have the same issue with 4 white ones. Also, was the rest of the leather in good shape? Did you find it to be hard? I'm thinking of treating or conditioning mine and am wondering which product to use. Saddle soap? Car seat leather care products? Thanks in advance!

  2. The leather is supposed to be somewhat hard to reduce the ability to stretch out. But ya, any leather cleaning/conditioning product with work.

    It depends on your location, and what types of places you have available to you, but some shoe repair places will take it on if you bring them only the pieces that need to be sewn, rather than the whole chair.

  3. I have a similar chair. However, I need the support that goes under the seat that stretches to both sides. It appears to be adjustable. Does anyone have any idea where I can find this part?

  4. I am missing one of the metal bars that supports under the chair and need to get new leather parts made. Any idea where I can find replacement metal components? Thanks

    1. Hello,
      Did you ever find a replacement support bar for your chair? I’m looking for one if you know where I can find one!

    2. No, but then my support bar was fine. The layer under the leather was what I was looking for.

    3. Hey Pat love you post. I have a very similar chair with the same situation. Did you end up using cardboard??

    4. No, I ended up using a faux leather patch. For now...

  5. Did anyone ever find the replacement metal bars? Have been researching for hours and cannot seem to find a place to get them...

    1. Not as of yet. Homeward Furniture was the closest I got.

  6. i am also looking for 1 replacement metal bar for under the seat!

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