Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chair Goes Pattern Crazy

Our neighbour put this and several other pieces of furniture out on the curb back in July.
My husband, who has been looking for a good chair to sit in for reading, thought this would be a great addition to our house.

I had to agree; I mean it was clean, in good shape, and definitely had potential. Heck, it even had the colour green, which is the colour accent we will be using in the room that this will be going in.

As soon as we brought it home, we pulled the skirt off of it to give it an instant modernization and clean look.

Underneath, the springs and seat are in good condition, but the batting is starting to spill out through the sides.

I pulled the old fabric off, finding that the structure of the chair was very good. The legs are boring, so I picked vibrant fabrics that will make up for it.

Out of these fabric options, I chose the zigzag and the grey stripe. The zigzag is a lighter weight fabric, so it will be used for the back of the chair, while the grey is heavy weight and will be used for the front.

Unfortunately, I had to replace the batting as it was crumbling and became even worse because of the staples getting caught in it.

The finished chair is beginning to take shape now. The back turned out beautifully, however the curve caused a ripple effect on the curve of the grey fabric. At this point, trim needs to be put on to clean up the transition between the 2 fabrics.

As I am putting trim on the chair, Greyson decides that the chair is perfect for keeping his eye on those pesky squirrels. He's so helpful....

The finished product is pretty satisfying. The patterns mix in a great and unexpected way. As usual, Greyson is the perfect model.
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  1. I think my favorite parts of this post are the adorable ways in which Grey has managed to get into them.


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