Friday, 9 March 2018

Junking: Wood Veneer Fixture

Kijiji came through in a big way recently.

Check it out:

It is a fabulous wood veneer (probably pine) pendant fixture. I found it online, but was surprised that it was a tad larger than I had expected. If I'm lucky, it might be a Hans Agne Jakobsson designed pine ceiling lamp.

There is a dent here and there on the edge of the veneer, but nothing that takes away from the overall aesthetic of it. I expect that it will give off a lovely, warm glow.

It needs a good cleaning, so if anyone has any advice on how to clean raw veneer, please let me know!

I haven't a clue where to put it quite yet, but really, it could go anywhere.
Likely, this is a bedroom fixture, but we will see!


  1. Pat this is incredible!!! What a find!!! Hell yes girl (I am in love with Kijiji).

    And I hope you share how you end up cleaning it! I wouldn't have the faintest.

    1. Damn, I had high hopes that you'd be the woman to know! I will keep you posted though.


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