Sunday, 25 March 2018

Junking: Old Strathcona Antique Mall

Yesterday was my first junking day in Edmonton. Having said that, I gave myself a strict 'no buy' policy as we are still unpacking boxes in our new house. But I couldn't help but take some photos of some of my favorite stuff.

This is a photo showing only a fraction of the space. It is pretty large with two levels full of a wide variety of items from collectibles to antiques.

Being that it is almost Easter, I thought I'd start here. A fabulous collection of eggs, likely Ukranian.

Lots of retro games...

A bar cart full of retro telephones.

Anyone know what this is? Could it be an intercom?

Imagine cooking on this behemoth!

 Antlers and a painting... This has always been one of my favorite Norman Rockwells. Maybe I will go back and get it one day.

I thought this microphone was rather cool.

A plethora of coat hooks in a ton of fun colours.

Loads of MCM furniture to see, but all very expensive.

These skateboards are super rad.

These light fixtures... Macrame at its best.

And what the Hell is going on here? Does one put out their cigarette on the light? I'm so confused.

Ah, the 70s: All captured in vintage magazines.

 This Japanese Mail bag is really interesting, and I absolutely loved this vintage sweater; not to mention the insanely good price on it.

This 1960s pleated coral dress is only $15. It is kinda cool.

Found Barbarella and a box full of Playboys... Ha!

Massive amounts of Lego people from any thing you could think of: Star Wars, Simpsons, DC, Marvel, Knights... so many.

 Speaking of Star Wars - I am pretty sure this is the same type of figurines that my cousin Allan would yell at me for playing with when I was 7.

To get us through the antique mall, we would have to stop and play with every pony Millie came across. Well done, Dad.


  1. Re: the Telstar.
    I believe that is a radio dial on this piece. That is how the numbers are sequenced on transistor radio dials.

    Poppa G

    1. Perfect! Thank you!!! It is a neat piece either way.

  2. That oven range is incredible and I would love to own something like it (possibly just to look at though).

    Speaking of Japanese mail bags, I once found a legit old Canadian mail bag in an antique market in Dublin. I think I paid €15 for it. I can't wait to hang it up once it (finally) arrives.

    p.s. You have far more patience than I do. I wouldn't have been able to not buy anything.


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