Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Living Room: Rock 'n' Roll

I am still working on the window wall and valance, but in the meantime, I painted another wall.

Before. The white paint had yellowed over the years no doubt partially due to a smoker in the house.
But, white with wood trim is perfectly mid century modern, so if it "ain't broke, don't fix it", as they say.

I chose Benjamin Moore's cloud white and put my favorite little helper to work painting the part of the wall that she patched before.

The change is very subtle, but instantly brightens the space.

With the wall finally painted, I was free to add artwork; A 54-40 poster, a vintage Nash skateboard, and a framed Life magazine with Pat McGee doing a handstand on a skateboard. Thanks again J-Sloot for letting me steal that little gem of a skateboard from your deck. I get giddy every time I look at it.

The telephone table I've had for ages, and never got around to reupholstering. I should probably add it to the list.

I absolutely love this built in bookcase near the front door, but this photo perfectly illustrates my daily struggle. My opinionated daughter prefers the fins straight, and I prefer them on an angle. When the other isn't looking, they tend to get changed. Am I throwing gas on the flames? Perhaps. :)

This is a great place to display some of the family photos and mementos like baby shoes or the medal shadowbox that I made in this post.



Stay tuned for the next portion of the living room project, and see the first part of it here.


  1. What fun bones you have to work with in this house!!!

    1. Oh, this house is a veritable time capsule, you should see the kitchen. The challenge is keeping the vibe and as much of the original architectural features as possible, while making it our own.

  2. Just amazing Pat. I can't believe how perfect your new house is for you. It all just fits so perfectly.

    And don't worry, Cora and I are both very opinionated and no doubt this will start showing before long in our home.


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