Friday, 11 May 2018

DIY: Patio Furniture Covers

We had no idea what to expect with regards to our back yard.
It was covered in snow both during the house hunting trip and in the real estate photos.
We were eager for some nicer weather so that we could determine what we were working with.

As you can see, there is a gazebo structure, and it turns out the covers were available in the garage: Score!

Add to that our sad patio furniture...
Here you can see the faded and dirty original back cushion with the newly upholstered seat cushion.
You can see a better photo of the furniture before in this post (plus we painted dead body outlines on our previous patio).

I added some vibrant outdoor fabric and some red snaps to allow the cushion to be closed over the frame.

The cushions used to constantly fall over in even the smallest breeze, and it was annoying.

In addition to our original 4 piece patio set, I added some plants, new planters, and some vintage wood chairs.

I did a quick little project that I saw on Pinterest once. I am not sure who originated it, but it is brilliant. Basically, upside down tomato cages with the extra wire cut off, serves as a really cute plant stand.

The red cage only has 3 supports, so I used a lighter plant.

The silver cage has a much more understated look and is quite a bit taller.
This allowed me to layer the items so that plants at the back could still be seen.

Our A/C unit still needs to be hidden, so temporarily, I used the barn wood table top that we stopped using when we no longer had two dining rooms. LOL. You can see that project here.

Our vintage Coca Cola box managed to find itself out here as we went through the garage boxes... so I just left it.

We got this vibrant yellow outdoor mat at Home Depot for under $40. It works so well with the other pieces.

Time for cake!

And naps...

 Now, I suppose I need to find another project to fill me day.


  1. Love the vintage chairs. So amazing.

    1. Thanks! I keep meaning to do something with them.

  2. All of your outside updates are insane so far. The new upholstered seats, the pots and that rug. It all works so well. I cannot wait to see what you do with the garden!


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