Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shopping Eco-Friendly in Ottawa: Terra 20

I am sad to report that this past weekend was the first time I went into Terra 20.
What is Terra 20, you ask? Well, I asked too, and essentially it is an eco-friendly department store.
And, it totally is; it is huge, and it is inspiring.
Much of the product is locally sourced too, which is fantastic.

This is just inside the entrance; a glass waterfall fountain.
So far so good!

Of course one would expect to see a lot of wood at Terra 20, and you would not be disappointed.

These cutting boards are incredibly gorgeous. I love the organic shapes, and the stripy-ness of it. I am pretty sure I made my mom a cutting board using the same technique.

Wonder if she still has it? I loved wood-working class!

Umm.... SUNGLASSES!! In wood! Amazeballs.
Tres chic.

I am totally in love with this line of audio equipment. It is called The House of Marley, and it is made from bamboo, recycled plastic and REWIND fabric - AND its portable.
I wish I had taken a photo of the headphones. So pretty.

I think this is kind of brilliant.
Re-used, re-purposed skateboard decks - re-imagined as belt buckles. 

So much gorgeous colour.

Coconut shells?
YES! Plus, more colour.

No really. Literally.
Plus, Canadianna, so that makes me happy.

Loving both the utensils, but can't remember what they are made of. Looks like plastic, but a little more texture. Rice hull, maybe?

The bags. Loving the bags.

Just so much to see and look at.

I wish I had bought this.
It is kind of amazing all of the items that are re-used or re-purposed.
Such a beautiful home.

Don't forget about your pooch!
Terra 20 also has all of your pets covered.

Ever wonder where to get those cardboard stag heads?
Terra 20!
Why did I wait until now to go there?

So simple.

So lethal?

They really do have everything... from home decor to food.

Speaking of home decor...
More Canadianna! And loverly texture.

These hippos so remind me of my friend, Nicole, and the crafty toys she makes.
I really should get her to do a guest post how-to.

I think this might be the most brilliant part - A cleaning supply bar/refill station.
So easy.
So smart.

Finally, an overall shot of the store. So grand, and stuffed to the gills with great items.

And you know, it isn't just Terra 20 that is getting into natural product, recycling, and repurposing.
I found these reused glass wine bottles at Chapters Book Store.
I want.

And this surprising factoid while peeing at my local IKEA!


  1. Yet another solid reason I need to move back to Canada. This place is just plain amazing. Reduce, reuse, recycle all the way.

    xx A

  2. Where is this? I need to go NOW!

    1. Well, the bathroom is located in IKEA.
      It was a lovely place to pee.

  3. I want to go there with you!!!!!!

    1. Ya, its cool eh?
      They make going 'green' easy.

  4. Just came across your post now. Thank you so much for paying us a visit, and sharing your experience. Have you visited our second store in Wellington West? It's a mini version of our Pinecrest store, and just opened a few weeks ago.


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