Monday, 1 July 2013

DIY Wedding 2010: The Big Day

It all came together on the big day.

You will see some amateur photos and a lot of photos from our photograper, Andrea Blair.
We were so happy with how our day turned out. Was there anything that we would have changed? Of course! But when you start nit-picking on the details, you forget what the day is really about: Love, Fun, Family, and Friends. We had the 'Fun' in spades.

This is the covered bridge at Sun Peaks Resort. We were married right in front of that heart-shaped rock.

Our version of 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'.

But, what you really came here for are the details!
Gloves and clutches!! Love the aesthetic we ended up with. I am so happy we left the expensive flowers out of it. More on that in Part 3.
Both of our painted shoes! You can see how those came about in Part 4 and Part 5
Our hodge-podge wedding invites from Part 1.

Mannequin boy makes his first appearance since high school.
Who doesn't like ice cream?
And Step-Dad with his button boutonniere. See the deets on that in Part 4.

Grey-dog helped walk me down the aisle, so it was only fitting that he also wear a collar and tie.
The boys showing off their button awesome-ness.

My teammates giving me a hand up and pulling my hair. That's good luck, right?

Hubby with his Mom (left) and my Mom (right).
We're off to see the Wizard?
Of course, no wedding is complete without a Boom-box-boy!
We had our nephew, Nicky, walk ahead carrying the boom-box with his bow tie and chucks.
The song playing was Billy Idol's White Wedding. Oh, the irony!

As usual, Greyson guards the family in our moments of distraction.

Its crazy to think that Nick is now as tall as Morley is.
Me and my bestie, Pat!!
'Wheele'-barrow race with 2 Wheeles.

Typical Hubby and his Mom pose.
A photo by my BM, Nicole. Love this photo.
... And Kick it!! Jay got super into the action shots. Pure greatness.

Hey Pardner... Hows about you mosey on back a few feet, and we settle this like the wild west?

A few more photos from Andrea Blair's website.
I leave you with one last photo...

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  1. Dude-I was there. It was the bomb. Or rather, I was the bombed.

  2. I will have to start at the beginning ...

    1. THANK YOU for being honest. I feel less bad about myself because yes, there were a lot of things about our wedding I would do differently. I mean all the shoes you DIYed alone ...
    2. Black belt with your dress - WINNING. I wanted one, but it didn't look right with my dress.
    3. I've said it before, I need those tiny black gloves like nobodies business.
    4. Grey is so painfully adorable. I wanted a picture of myself in my dress with my kitties, but that didn't happen. I was thinking of maybe doing something like that for our anniversary, because I'm a crazy cat lady.
    5. In case I didn't mention it in your previous wedding posts, you are seriously a DIY genius and I bow to your craft. Your stunning eye to detail made your wedding out of this world.
    6. You made such a beautiful bride. That delicate yellow dress - unforgettable. Serious lady crush going on.

    Sorry I haven't been able to catch up with you until now. From now on I will be able to creep MOAR.


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