Saturday, 20 July 2013

Item Re-Think: Picture Hangers

On the blogosphere, I have been noticing a lot of people using clothespins on their walls to hold photos, mail, or any other item that it seems appropriate for.

I love it!
What a great idea. These ones are an over-sized version that hold children's artwork.

Photo from:
But how can you use household items that represent you?

For me, I thought a little outside of the proverbial box, and decided to use some small mouse traps.

***Disclaimer: These traps have not and will not be used to harm a mouse. FYI, do NOT Google mouse traps. I saw things that I cannot un-see***

Anyway, I took some traps, and removed the dangling metal pieces, leaving me with just the spring.

Then all you have to do is stick on some 3M strips - the kind that you use for those stick-on hooks - and stick 'em to the wall!

I just added some photos of our friends' adorable children, and voila!
Seriously, our friends have some cute kids; right, Lisette, Shawn, Dale, & Chrystal?

This is a work in progress, but I also added a ladder to the wall - it is cool, old, and why not display what seems like the mundane?

Also a retro clock that I have yet to clean properly, an old Lone Ranger bread advert, a funny take on Lichtenstien, and a pan that I can make an egg for my kitty in.

Only Drunky Brewster will get that last reference as I have no kitty - only one crazy friend who encouraged me to buy this impossibly small frying pan.

 ****** UPDATE!!! ******

After I put up the last photos, we recieved a photo in the mail from our friends Jenn & Ben.
Another couple who procreates well!! Just beautiful.

Unfortunately, Mor got 'caught' while putting it up.
Oi. Boys are always getting into stuff.
Well, I am off to release my catch!


  1. Awesome through and through. I love how you took an object that people would never look twice at, and transformed its use entirely.

    Digging the pop art major time. I have to ask, is that you and did you paint it?

    Also, am in no way tempted to google 'mouse trap' now. I would cry.

    1. Ya, it is a silly thing we had to do in history of art & architecture; paint a self portrait in a noted style. Super fun. I had to take process photos and document it all. So funny. I will change my profile photo to my original for a couple of days.

      Ya, Googling was a bad idea. I was sad.

  2. Nice! Love this idea. I'm gonna "borrow" it. hehe.

  3. So fun! Rat traps are even BIGGER if you want a variety of sizes. (Coming from a former New Yorker!)

  4. ... i googled mouse traps.



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