Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Unnecessary Junking: Kingston, Ontario

A few weeks ago, I went to Kingston to visit my husband who was there for a week long stay. Kingston is a super cute city with a lot of heritage. In fact, Kingston used to be Canada's capital before Ottawa was named as such.

Anyway, the hotel that Hubby was staying in was directly across the street from this Antique/Flea Market.
Yes, I know people... this does spell disaster for a chronic thrift-er like me.

These photos really don't show how huge it was - there were several barns to go through.

These were the two main buildings that greeted you from the highway.

There were boxes and knick-knacks galore.

I am starting to fall in love with portraiture.

This barn was interesting because of its boards that were marked with where they were from.

This one reminds me of my very talented friend, Vera Chok. She is an artistic soul - dedicating her time to the theatre arts - and dabbling in singing, and poetry among others.

I just found it so funny to find a board marked from so far away in a small Ontario town.

These ones from Vancouver made more sense to me. I also liked the composition of arrow.
I am pretty sure that is not the way to Vancouver.

 Inside, a plethora of interesting things.
Little Mexican boy?

And loads of Avon cologne bottles.

The bicycle is likely a reproduction, but it still looked cool with the old scooter.

I am kind of in love with these geese ready to take off.

Colonel Sanders, anyone?
What about a fan so old and caked with dust, you can literally see the build up.

The lady in the Pepto ad looks really distressed. Love it.

Super awesome film stuff!!

Creepy chimpanzee... anyone?.. anyone?.. Bueller?

Nice architectural find!

 Marilyn photographs. Nuff said.

I couldn't stop thinking about this map after I headed home to Carleton Place.
I had Hubby go back and see how much they wanted, but alas, it was gone.
Oh the humanity!!
I still secretly cry a little when I think about it.

I also had Hubby ask about this table top pinball machine. The guy wanted $250 and didn't know if it worked. Screw that! Research told me that these things are worth $250 when working.
Still, it was pretty cool.

Walking around Kingston, we came across this awesome old Theatre.
If you recall, I like old theatres from this blog post.

All of that interesting stuff, and all I came home with was a old wood kitchen chair for $5.
I will show it to you all when I get around to doing something with it.
How's that for a cliff-hanger?


  1. That chimp will haunt my dreams tonight. Also love that Pepto-Bismol ad. The state of her face.

    xx A

    1. Oh, if that haunts you, I have another junking trip (soon to be published) that will do the same thing. Creeeeeepppppy

  2. That old theater isn't so old! Until about year ago it was still in use as one of two theaters that played new movies in Kingston!

    1. I mean old, as in the architecture... smart ass!
      But, ya super cool to know that it was still showing movies until recently. Hope Alberta is treating you right! Miss ya!


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