Monday, 10 June 2013

DIY Wedding 2010: Part 3

There are just sooo many things I wish I had photos of, but I suppose the photos I DO have will have to do!

In the previous posts, Part 1 shows our planning beginnings, and Part 2 goes into reception decoration.
Part 3 will go into a little bit of the attire.

I like fascinators and fancy barrettes, so I thought I would try my hand at making something for my BM and my MOH. I started with some craft feathers, a couple of inexpensive clips, and some Value Village jewelry.

This is what I ended up with for my girls. I think it turned out pretty well!
Can I also add that my BMs were the absolute bestest too! I really couldn't have had a better day, and it has an awful lot to do with them.

and a mini veil for me too... which I ended up cutting down significantly in the end.
ya, I may be a little sun-burned in this photo - shut up! LOL

Then there was the challenge of what to do for the BMs instead of bouquets.
(As some of you know, I have a black thumb - so I didn't feel right about having flowers at the wedding - I felt like a fraud - A fraud, I tell you!)

The answer came when I was shoe shopping one day. I found these great yellow clutches. Certainly plain enough for the girls to use again, but it was exactly what I needed for that pop of colour.

For my outfit, I had only the finest jewelry... Bahahaha!
And these cool leather half gloves, which I also bought for each of my girls.

My dress came with a matching shawl, which I could never see myself actually wearing. So I made something I could possibly use.
First, I cut a section off that would be used as a tie.

I sewed both the large portion of the shall, and the tie. Then I had a drink. All sewing projects should be accompanied by some sort of alcohol.

I pinned  the large portion into folds to create ruffles.

 The tie was then pinned slightly offset so that the smaller section will serve as a collar.

Oh ya, then I added a fabric floret with the leftover fabric.
I never did wear this at my wedding, at least I have worn it though, which is more than it would have been as a shawl.

Stay tuned for Part 4 next Monday!


  1. OH MY GOD. I CAN'T EVEN LOOK AT YOU RIGHT NOW. I think I'm in love. You are straight up amazing. And you went with a dainty yellow dress? You did what I couldn't. I so wish I had a grey dress.

    I also made my bridesmaids hair accessories, and my own veil, very similar to yours, 20 minutes before the ceremony. Because I'm badass like that.

    Those gloves - so hot. I really wish I had attended your big day. Can't wait to see part 4. xx

  2. Yeah, I'm married to her and I'm still flabbergasted that she accomplished so much. She's pretty amazing, and amazingly pretty too. :D

  3. you blow me away!!!!! Your creativity is endless!!!


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