Monday, 24 June 2013

DIY Wedding 2010: Part 5

I love Shoes!
Since I did some creative ridiculousness with Hubby and the groomsmen's shoes in Part 4, I decided to post what I did to my own shoes as well!!

I bought these very cute shoes at a local mall store. They had just enough of a vintage feel to go well with my dress. Plus, they were at a comfortable height so I knew that wearing them for long periods would not be a problem.

I was inspired by Louboutin shoes and their red bottoms.
Having neither the money for something like that, nor the colour scheme that would make it work, I decided on this little project.

It was super easy!
Step One: use masking tape all around where the sole of the shoe is.
Make sure to really push the tape into the ridges to ensure a tight fit.

Step Two: put a plastic bag over entire shoe and then re-tape leaving the sole exposed.

Step Three: spray paint!
The sole of a shoe is made of a material that accepts the paint well, so no need for sanding before hand.

Step Four: allow to dry - 24 hours - then take the bag off
Remove the tape as well, and voila!

I loved how they turned out. Despite the bright colour, it is a subtle detail that one only really notices when they see you walking.

I chose a tea-length dress with a ruffled crumb-catcher from Sinders. The dress needed to be hemmed about 2 inchs to allow for my short stature and to allow my crinoline to show a little bit.

The dress is a buttercup colour - same as the shawl from Part 3. I am still in love with it 3 years later because it helped make me look a little less pale. Sure, the pink tones are more prevalent, but I prefer that to the ghostly white I can often look.

My Bridesmaids will kill me for posting this funny photo...

My one criteria for my BMs was that they do not match. They had the option of buying any dress that was grey or black. I figured there was no way that one dress would flatter at 5'-1" athletic raven-haired girl AND a 5'-8" willowy redhead. To my amazement, they sent me this photo of the same dress. It looked great, and fell into the right colour category, so what the hay!

The groomsmen's ties from Part 4 worked remarkably well with them.

Stay Tuned for the BIG DAY on Monday!


  1. Loving this Pat...a wonderful opportunity to see behind the scenes. So proud of the incredible creativity ....damn, can I pick them!

  2. It's so crazy - I DID NOT want my bridesmaids to match either. But as it happens, they all ended up loving and looking great in the same dress, which I have to say, is dangerously similar to what your bridesmaids ended up wearing, except in an aubergine/eggplant hue (which you can see in only one pic here - But, their accessories and shoes didn't match. YUS.

    xx A

    1. I am in love with your wedding! Thanks so much for sharing. I left a long-ass comment on your blog. Ridiculous.


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