Friday, 26 April 2013

Renovation: Victorian in Powell River

A few years ago, I was visiting my parents in Powell River. Their friend, Victoria, lived across the street, and was renovating a home exactly like their house. The area is called, 'the Old Townsite', and the style of home is found throughout the area. According to the Powell River Historical Site, this architecture was defined as 'the street facing gable'.

There is a fairly good chance that the second house in this photograph is my parents home, about 100 years ago. My Mom can confirm...

This house, however, is absolutely the one across the street.
Victoria and Steve had passed by this house many times, always feeling that one day they would buy it and renovate. One day, it went up for sale, and so they seized the opportunity. Of course, this is not the condition that the house was in the day they bought it...

It looked a bit more like this...
This is the morning that they bought the house.

By the afternoon, they had already opened up the view, and revealed the incredible bones of this house.
It took 2.5 years, but between Victoria, Steve, and her father, they managed to reinvigorate a tired old house.

BAM!! The transformation is absolutely stunning.

Each part of the restoration process adds to the original character of not only the home, but the entire neighbourhood.

What is so interesting to me, is how although the home has been restored to its original state, that restoration also modernizes it as well. Of course, new landscaping helps as well.

Speaking of landscaping... the back of the house was neglected and weathered.

With the addition of a gorgeous patio, not only is the back garden beautiful, but it is now also functional.

I can't get over it. Its really just too stunning to show only one photo of it...

A few side-by-side before and after shots, just to show how one or two updates can make a world of difference. For example, what a fantastic door!! All it needed was a little paint, and a mailbox that fit the proportions of the space beside.

The side of the house leading to the front. Pruning back, or in this case, removing a few bushes completely changes the feel of proximity to the house next door.

The back exit: Extending the roof-line across to cover the door, just makes sense in terms of shelter, but also gives another great opportunity to emphasize the strong lines of the home's architecture. Extending the stair landing to the edge of the addition also makes perfect sense.

And finally, from haunted house to happy house. I cannot imagine a less welcoming entrance with those trees closing off the entrance. Widening the walkway in a clean modern way, is so much more in touch with the neighbourhood.

Now, to the inside. There is only one before photo, however, I am sure you can use your imagination on what it must have looked like before Victoria got her hands on it.

Pretty in dusty rose, to pretty in neutrals!

The Living Room - With classic lines, the furniture evokes a bygone era.

Large windows let in a lot of natural light. Notice the original wood floors throughout.

A view into the den also reveals some nice architectural elements. I also enjoy this photo as it shows the same style of home across the street (it is possibly the first house in the photo at the top of this blog)... kind of reminds me of the 'painted ladies'!

Lighting is key in any space, and again, it does not disappoint: A Tiffany light in the den, and a Swarovski chandelier in the living room.

The dining room and kitchen, of course are modern but with classic lines.

The lamps in the kitchen (first) and powder room (second) have that old schoolhouse feel - again being cognisant of the era of the home.

The powder room is simple, yet elegant.

The master bedroom is absolutely gorgeous, and look at that view: Historical homes and the ocean beyond. It really doesn't get much better than that.

This is an obscure shot, however I love the transom windows and a peek at one of the greatest perks to this space...

The master en suite; just amazing. White wainscotting, with a moody Cabernet above. And that tub?
Pure awesomeness.

Such a cute little place for a toilet. Reminds me of Europe, and the separate rooms for toilets.

I have been coveting this home since I first saw it. Huge thanks to Victoria for letting me write about it here.
For a few more photos, see here for a great video on the house.


  1. WOW - nice job Pat Thanks so much for featuring that old beauty - it was such a pleasure being able to bring her from the brink - not one inch was left untouched inside or outside - lots of work but worth every minute - it was a place that gave back to you - and now she can stand tall for another 100 years.

    Victoria :)

    1. Of course. I fell in love with your place the first time I saw it across the street from my parents'. All of your hard work certainly paid off.

  2. I don't know if you approve of potty mouth on your site, but my genuine reaction was "holy shit on a stick". Victoria, Steve and her dad did an amazing job. It is my dream to be able to be a proud owner of a revamp such as this.

    Everything is perfection - the new exterior colour, the landscaping, the deck, the painfully awesome level of interior design skills, moody Cabernet hues - shut up. And bravo. Thank you for letting me get lost Pat.

    P.s. I spy one hydrangea ... ;)


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