Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ellen's Ranch: Eclectically Gorgeous

Elle Decor recently did a photo spread of Ellen & Portia's ranch in Southern California.

You can find it at with the whole article.
The ranch is made up of cabins, barns and the stables.

Cabin 6: What struck me, was the absolute easy-going eclecticness of their ranch's decor.
They certainly have some signature pieces, like mid-century Danish shairs, but also a lot of rustic and antique furniture that makes the space so much more interesting.

Cabin 6:  Ellen & Portia's love of animals are apparent through their many images of them throughout the ranch.

Cabin 8: This cozy room embraces the stark white trend that has been around the past few years, and lets the interesting pieces do the speaking.

Cabin 8: A real working fireplace... in a celebs home? Very cool.

Not only is their home a thing of beauty, but their barns are a spaces to behold!
Note the Arne Jacobsen chair, just chilling out with some antiques.

Even artwork in the barn! Granted they live in California, so I get it, and am thoroughly jealous of it.

Can you believe that this is a photo of the stable?

In the Elle Decor article, Portia notes that each of the horse stalls manages to acquire a new early American piece of furniture, and she has to explain to Ellen that the horse has to fit in there. LOL!

Can you imagine? Look at this gorgeousness!

Just too cute.

Apparently the whole place was a professional horse facility when they bought it. I am glad they kept the over all feel of that.

I think I want to go to one of those parties that she talks about on her show. I can't imagine a better place to have something like that.

And finally, a photo of the stunning couple out for a stroll.


  1. I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting their home to be so gorgeous! And what a mix of old and new, grungy and pristine. I think I fell hard when I saw the furniture in with the horses. So amazing. Those trees are like a dream.

    xx A

    1. I had the exact same reaction. I expected it to be the usual over-done celebrity home. Clearly, they styled like us normies - add pieces slowly, as we find them, which makes for an eclectic mix.


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