Saturday, 27 April 2013

Junking: Unnecessary Items

I may have created a monster.
My hubby calls me at work to tell me that he found a new thrift store. Great!
Then he says that he found a chair and he was going to send me a photo right now.
What? Umm, okay? Wait, why isn't he at work? Oh, here is the photo... hmmm, not too bad.
So I tell him, if he likes it to pick it up.

That was last week.
Today, we had different plans, but somehow ended up going junking.
First stop, our favorite little honey-hole.

First up, we found this great garden table. I has a wrought iron base (somewhere under the green paint) and rustic wood. I kinda love this item. Turns out other people like it too, because we brought it to the front, and then continued looking. Four people tried to buy it. Ha! We got it first; nanner nanner nanner.

This magazine rack could be fantastic. All it needs is a coat of paint. Not sure if I will use it inside or out.

Then we headed to the Almonte Antique Market. First item I saw was this plant stand. Its sunshine yellowness called my name.

Yes, it is another planter, but hey... I am on a plant kick. Besides, It can't hurt to have a few extra planters around, right?

A rhino!! I love it. Plus, it was only a buck.

I like the timeliness of this Lone Ranger/Merita bread sign. Can't wait to see Johnny Depp as Tonto in the remake!

Then I saw this... and I got really excited. A walnut Heifetz Rotoflex MCM lamp (I might have an addiction to lamps)...

... AND it still has its original shade. No question, the shade is dirty and the plastic is going brittle, but I love it nonetheless. The shade should look like this.

On a completely separate note, hubby found this kitchy pelican planter in our crawl space. I guess this old house still has a few more secrets to tell us.


  1. I'd like to see the lamp with the shade on, I just can't picture it.

  2. I have that exact magazine rack. Good eye!

  3. DYING over the rhino planter... if international shipping weren't such a rub, I'd make you and offer! :)

    1. I am totally with you on that one. Can you believe it was only a buck?? I have already made good use of it, and put an aloe vera in it... Reminds me of a blogger I know:


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