Thursday, 18 April 2013

Furniture Design: Toboggan

Since I work in commercial design - I am keenly aware of the innovative designs that come from the 5 major manufacturers: Teknion, Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller, and Knoll.

One such example is the new Toboggan desk/chair hybrid by Antenna Design - for Knoll.

Its simple lines are unassuming and the steel tube and bent plywood are reminiscent some of our favorite mid-century modern designers.

Co.Design reports that, "Antenna’s new line for Knoll is purpose-built for the spontaneous work encounters that often spark innovation".

In the new workplace, collaboration has become paramount, therefore this piece is right on the mark for todays office landscape!

The huge advantage of the Toboggan, is its light weight; it can be easily moved around and reconfigured to make it multi-purpose. Whether it be stopping to take a phone call, or chat with a co-worker about a project, the Tobaggan is completely utilitarian.

Other items in Antenna's line are stainless steel outlet poles and powered lounge tables, which address the issue of power; as well as rolling whiteboards for spontaneous meetings.


  1. It's perfect, simple and diverse. I'm really leaning towards the dark charcoal version with the natural detailing. No surprise there. And they remind me of the desks we had in primary school!

    1. Agreed. What I find funny, is that I just posted a revamped telephone bench; is this the NEW telephone bench???


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