Sunday, 28 October 2012

I Love Lamp: Abacus Table Lamp

You might remember reading my blog about finding this lamp a month ago when we went garage-saling.

It was a super cute piece.
I hated the lamp shade, and it had an inch of dust on the inside of it.
What was cool was that the abacuses are from the mid-1950s and made in China; and the way that they were used was pretty inspired.

So after dusting the crap out of it, and changing the cold light of the compact fluorescents...

I then set out to change the shade to something a bit more appropriate.
Gotta love Ikea for their shades.
As usual, I had to hack the shade to make it fit a non-Ikea lamp.

 Finally, I re-affixed the wood pieces to the abacus, and made the overall lamp sturdy again.

I love lamp.


  1. That lamp is amazing. It is super swank. I do enjoy how you only changed the shade. And it looks fab next to your couch.

    1. I like a subtle change when it is appropriate. It seems with lamps, it is so easy to update or totally change the feel of them with just a new shade.


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