Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Boring TV Wall Part 1: Chalked full of fun

This is the plain wall that the TV is in front of. Hence this room is called "the TV room".
Weird, eh?

It is a perfectly serviceable wall, however, I am totally bored with it.

I went out and bought 2 cans of blackboard paint.
I taped off about 2" around the wall, and began rolling it on.

Clearly, the first coat wasn't enough, so I rolled out a second coat about 4 hours later. It looked fantastic!

After 3 days (the can recommends that it cure that long) I had to 'prime' the surface.
Basically, all that entails is to cover the entire surface with chalk, then erase it, leaving a fine layer of dust to facilitate further drawings.

I took this photo a little too soon... either there is chalk dust throughout the room, or there are a ton of poltergeists in my TV room right now...

I have only just begun to draw, but this is a quick rendition of a living room scene.
I will post more photos once I add some real picture frames and such.

Finally, I needed a place to put the chalk, so these two cute buckets on hooks worked perfectly!
More photos to come...

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