Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reclaimed/Repurposed Door Reveal

This is the easiest project I have ever worked on.
In a previous post, I discuss lugging this solid wood door about six blocks home on my head. Not the smartest idea I have ever had, but what a great find.

Luckily, one of our neighbours is renovating, so there were cabinets and windows and doors. I am even considering going back to inspect some of the windows...

Anyway, this is the door before. Right away, I know it needs to be cleaned.

But other than that, it is in fantastic shape.

The best part about the whole thing is it is already distressed for me. I literally do not have to do anything to the door except clean it and hang it.

So to clean it, I used bleach and water and a good scrub brush. Wear latex gloves if you are using bleach, just to save your hands.

There were tiny yellow dots stuck to the dirtier side of the door. They wouldn't scrub off, but a simple pot scraper took them off without any effort.

As you can see, the dirty side of the door was REALLY dirty.

But the scrub brush made short work of it. Besides, this is the side that will be up against the wall, so I am not concerned that you can still see some stains.

Letting the door dry in the sun...

Of course, Grey needs to go and investigate. He is so fuzzy, I think he needs a haircut so he looks like a Scottie again.... but that is for another day.

Next, I added a strip of moulding that had a beveled edge. Putting two beveled edges together creates a cleat for a secure fit.

The second moulding is secured to the wall. It turns out the this particular wall is extremely bowed, so shivs were required to fill the gap and stop the flexible moulding from bending.

Here you can see how much of a gap there really is in some places. 

With the door up and fitting like a glove, I put the pillows back on the bed.

The door really finishes the bed. It didn't really bother me that there wasn't a headboard before, but it certainly does make a big difference.

I also added the side table from this post. Of course Grey is always helpful in being my photo reveal model.

Say Cheeeeeese!

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  1. I may or may not add a little something to the door later, but for now, I am just going to let it settle.


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