Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving.
It has been a wonderful weekend! We went to the movie Looper (if you are thinking of going... do!), we had an early TG dinner at a friend's house with 10 other people, and that was loads of fun.

Today, we are overdosing on tryptophan and I am doing all I can to keep my husband from taking his pants off and sleeping starfish on the middle of the floor. :)

Of course today, we had our full traditional/regional dinner of turkey, mash, stuffing, & neeps and carrots.

... with the usual accompaniment of buns and gravy too.

Mmmmm, I love Thanksgiving!

Homemade whip cream!!
I hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend.


  1. The public wants to know... starfish sunny side up, or over easy? :D

  2. The public DOES NOT!

    I just want to know if you use a bit of brown sugar in your carrot/turnip mix? Now THAT is the bomb!


    1. Actually, no... but that would be tasty as all-get-out!
      It has a bit of pepper in it, and that is about it. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. It is a bit spicy depending on how crazy I go with it.


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