Sunday, 18 November 2012

Repurposed Suitcase: Table the Discussion

Although I have been working on some projects, I have not been able to photograph them because it is getting so dark out so early. AND I have a stupid job now. pffft. Stupid job; it is affecting my blogging time!

As you may remember (like a million years ago) when I found a great little suitcase while junking.
If not, read this post.

Anyway, this is an old airway suitcase that I needed to clean up.
A little bit of spit and polish and she looked pretty good!
Wait, when they say "spit and polish" I think they might not have been literal.
Damn it. Guess I have to clean it again.

Anyway, I picked up some legs from my favorite discount furniture store, and bought some leg brackets.

So here it is serving its new purpose as a  side table in one of our guest rooms.
It is nice because it can still house blankets or vintage dirty magazines ... erm... I mean books like Little Women.


  1. sweet! makes me wish i'd picked up that sweet lemon yellow coloured suitcase in smithfalls!

    1. Dude! You still might be able to. Remember, Saturday... if Rebound doesn't have those chairs, then we are off to Smiths Falls!


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