Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Breaking the Bathroom - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Breaking the Bathroom. If you missed part 2, you can find it here.

After falling in love with, then waiting for my new tile to arrive for 2 months, the day finally came!

In order to put the new tile on, I first needed to remove the faucet and old sink. 

One last look at this old beauty.

Using a couple of putty knives and set to slowly scraping the old sealant off.

This takes a bit more time than you'd think... you need to very gently pry the sides up. Not shown is when I used a small piece of wood trim to hold up the front edge while I worked around the sides and back.

I cleaned off all the old caulk/sealant, and pulled out my mosaic tile. Thanks Ames tile for being amazing!!

Working in roughly 18" sections, I put on the thin-set, then used the notched trowel to take off the extra.

I started with one sheet high, knowing that I would want to fit the mirror frame first to ensure that the tile fit properly. 

I installed the mirror frame, which was super snug and perfect. I put down some painter's tape to protect the new frame, then was able to fit exactly one row of mosaics into the top space. 

Another 30 hours or so, and I started in on the grout. I chose a white on white look for subtlety. 

Then, I needed to look for a new sink. I agonized over this decision, because the lazy (and partly purist) part of me wanted to head to restore, find one that was the exact same size and plop it down. 

Check back tomorrow to see what I decided to do! 
Sorry, I know I suck with these "to be continued" endings.

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