Monday, 13 September 2021

Breaking the Bathroom - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Breaking the Bathroom. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

I found a tile I liked and decided to order it. It is beautiful! I love it.

Turns out the only tile i liked was on back order and wouldn't be in until August. Being that it was June, I had two months to wait for my order to come in. A small part of me died inside. 

Naturally, I can't sit still for long, so I started a new project to complement the tile once it came in: A mirror frame!

I started by installing a half inch wood trim around the existing medicine cabinet, to allow for a buffer around the operable mirrored doors. It perfectly matched the depth of the cabinet.

Next, I bought some lumber and started to measure out my sides to match the height of the existing mirror cabinet, plus the half inch trim on top and bottom.

Then cut them to size.

Next, I sanded them twice with two different grits to make them nice and smooth.

Now with a top and bottom rail, and 4 vertical rails for my frame, I was ready to stain them to match the existing lower cabinet, which I love so much.

The first coat ended up darker and browner than I'd have liked so I had to had to go back and get some cherry to warm and redden it.

I used my corner clamp to screw and glue my pre-drilled holes and assemble my frame.

I took the frame inside, put it up against the mirror for a test fit and to double check the location of the inner rails. This ensures a snug fit around the medicine cabinet. Then I filled all of the holes with wood filler, re-stained them.

I'm not actually going to show you the finished product yet until the tile is complete... but here's a sneak peak of the door pull I put on the mirror to ensure we could still open the medicine cabinet. 

See more tomorrow! I promise...


  1. You promise??
    I've been hurt before, but you have a kind face, so I'll trust you. gentle with my heart... please.

    1. See, there was more! I mean, not the finished product, but definitely more! Evil Laugh...


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