Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Breaking the Bathroom - Part 4

I decided on a sink!!

So the saga continues. If you missed the progress so far, check out part 3 here.

I found a beautiful sink online. It was the perfect height and proportion for my existing vanity. But I didn't like the sticker price. I ended up finding the same Kohler sink for a little less money at Wayfair.
I ordered it on a Tuesday and had it by Friday. Not bad at all.

The main problem is they didn't include the template, which apparently is a common review for this.

Luckily, I like math, did a few quick measurements and figured out the cutout size.

I used a jigsaw on the small cutouts and thanks to the tape, ended up with a nice clean cut.

Under the watchful eye of my favourite supervisor, we plopped the sink in and began to caulk the sink and the spaces where the tile meets the counter.

Maybe tomorrow I will share the full reveal?

Maybe. Maybe not...


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