Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Mini Project: Making Contact

Mini Project time!
Enter our 12 year old night stand tables. They've moved to three new houses, even trekking across the country. And because of this, they are in pretty sad shape now.

And since they are in sad shape, it is perfect item to try something fun and cost-effective.

Big shout out to fellow DIY blogger and all around brilliant thrifter, the Interior DIYer for this idea. You can check out her most recent foray into contact paper for temporary design solutions here.

As I have never used the stuff, I just picked up a $12 roll in a wood print from my local Home Depot.
I removed the handles and followed the application instructions, smoothing as I went with a plastic card.

I opted to fold the paper over and around the edges to give it a seamless look. Then I used a black crayon to fill in the imperfections in the existing wood.

What a quick and simple makeover!! It instantly gives my tired old night stands a new, and dare I say, somewhat mid-century look.

The perfect thing to do, when you don't know what to do. The best part is it as long-lasting or as TEMPORARY as you want.


  1. Yes, Pat, YESSSS! Just wow, it looks so good! It doesn't look like contact paper at all and it's given your bedside table such a lift and adds so much character to it.

    I at first thought you were covering the top of the night stand, so when I saw the final picture I was like "WOAH WAIT A SECOND *heart eye emojis*"


    1. Thanks! I had a good source of inspiration. :)


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