Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Sewing 101: Fringe Benefits

I had an "I can do that" moment... but then again... don't we all?

Whether it is criticizing your favorite sports team from your couch or seeing a Jackson Pollack painting, there is always someone who is arrogant enough to think they can do it too.

But, people... I really did think I could do this one. It is super cute and age appropriate and you can purchase it. See link below.


But I made it! I did it!

So, I set out to the second-hand mecca known as Value Village to find a men's XL black long sleeve shirt. My goal was to either find one in a sweatshirt material or heavy T-shirt or jersey material as these are less likely to fray.

I used a recently procured sweater that was exactly the fit I wanted, and laid it over the men's shirt.

Then I cut the seams off of the men's shirt; up the sides and along the bottom of the sleeves, as well as cutting off the excess sleeves.

Then, I used chalk to outline the little sweater, and extended the lines down to create the dress shape. Oh, I should note that you chalk the lines with the shirt right-side-out. Sew along the chalk lines and you have essentially made the dress.

I forgot to take photos, but cut along the bottom of the sleeve, please remember this step so you don't mess it up like I did; you want the most fringe along the length of the sleeve. Also, be careful not to cut into the new stitches.
Now, cut the fringe. I started with fringe that were each about an inch wide, then I went along and cut each fringe in half (now less than half and inch). I found this easier to ensure uniformity.

Then cut the fringe for the sides of the dress. Once this step is finished, cut the last one or two fringe off the bottom and turn under the hem and stitch. Do the same for the sleeves.

My little ham had no trouble modelling this wee comfy dress.

BONUS: Oh, and I originally found the dress a little too long as it went to her mid-calf, so I cut it off, resulting in a little fringe scarf.

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