Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sneak Peak: Matched Set

My name is Pat and I am a chair-a-holic.

Yes, people. I've done it again. I brought home more chairs.
If you recall, I brought these diamonds in the rough home a couple of years ago.

Today, my boss, knowing my affliction for the prop, informed me of three such specimens behind our building. My boss is officially my favorite person today.

First these two red velvet lovelies. The wood is in extraordinary shape.
They are from the Henderson furniture company in St-Lambert Quebec, manufactured in 1969.

The third, is a Krug and clearly stands the test of time.
It is pictured here with one of my previous re-finished pieces.
They could be cousins! The new chair is leather, with rounded corners, but has very similar lines.

Clearly, the seat in my original chair is already ready for an upgrade, but you can see it here when it was first finished.

Oh, I had attempted to take photos, but two huge hams got in the way.
Yep. They are all mine.


  1. Hello Pat, I recently posted a chair I own for identification on a Facebook collector site. I was referred to the Henderson Chair Company of Quebec as the possible manufacturer. I ran into your blog in the course of researching that lead. Your chair, that you discovered, looks very similar 2 mine. Would you mind forwarding a few perspectives of the chair. I would appreciate it very much.


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