Saturday, 14 July 2018

I Love Lamp: Pineapple Express

Thanks, Value Village!
I picked up these lamps months ago and then did nothing with them.

They are quite a great find for two reasons: 1) It is rare to find two of the same lamp in a thrift store, and 2) They have a gorgeous pineapple motif in a subtle gold. Keepers for sure.

One problem was that they had quite a few little chips in the ceramic. Off to Michael's for a bit of paint... I found a near match with raw sienna.

I started by filling the chips only.

Then a few days later I taped off the gold pineapples and proceeded with a dry brush technique over the entire lamp, letting the original finish breathe in the crevices.

 It turned out great.

 And can we talk about how at home it feels in my basement with the wood paneling and crazy carpet? HA!!

These lamps were missing their lamp harps and shades, so I picked up some new ones.

It goes a long way to making our barren bedroom a bit more homey since our move to the new house.

Next projects to tackle: Artwork and adjusting the window treatments so that they function better.


  1. "Who purchased two pineapples so that I can see?" YOU DID, YOU DID!! (sung to the tune of SpongeBob Squarepants)

    1. You are truly a unique and special individual.


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