Friday, 19 October 2012

Chair Reveal: Mid-century modern

I originally spoke of this chair back in the post: Chair-palooza.

It is a mid-century modern chair, originally with a faux leather (vinyl) upholstery.

The wood (teak?) is very weathered and grey.

After removing the back and seat, the chair proves to be in excellent condition and still sturdy.

I had just begun to sand, when I remembered to take a before photo.

A light sanding revealed a lovely wood grain in a light brown colour.

Then I used tung oil, and was amazed at how rich the colour of the wood turned out to be.

 This is only the first coat. Each coat needs to be applied with 24 hours in between.

Turning my attention to the back and seat, I started to pull the staples, and removing the vinyl.

Surprisingly, the foam was in very good condition. I still had to scrub the wood with a water/bleach solution, but other than that, it was ready to go.

Stapling the new fabric to the back and the seat, it was amazing to see the chair take on a new life.

After a second coat of tung oil, the new seat and back was fastened to the frame.

I am ecstatic with how the chair turned out. Tung oil might be new favorite product.

Only three more chairs to go!!


  1. I think you're getting better at this with every new project. TO THE JUNK DEALERS!!

    1. I can only get better, right? Thanks for your comments!

  2. That is amazing! A totally new and beautiful chair... great job!

    1. Many Thanks!
      I am in love with this chair. I have another mid-century modern one that will need a few warm days to get it sanded.

  3. Replies
    1. OMG, this chair makes me so happy. Every time I see it I smile.

  4. Oh wow. I can't believe someone put this on the CURB! I LOVE the fabric you chose & I'm happy that you managed to rescue the wood. LOVE it!


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