Monday, 30 September 2013

Unnecessary Junking: Pakenham

It has been a while since my last blog post.
This new job has me staying much later, but is so much more gratifying than my last.
All that to say, that by the time I get home, walk the dog and eat... there is no time or daylight left to do anything outside.


It is a cute little barn on the side of the road. Pretty unassuming, and easy to miss. This is the second time we had driven past, and decided to drop by on our way back to Carleton Place.

Of course, I can never get my fill of creepy dolls, and this place did not disappoint.

There were many unique peices, including this Gatsby era cigarette dispensing elephant!!

One of my favorite items was this excellent piece of Canadiana.
"Sex and the Single Prime Minister: How Pierre Elliott Trudeau Seduced Canada with the Lights On"

Shirley Temple's Favorite Tales of Long Ago...
Canada In Khaki!!

The most fantastic aeroplane lamp, with the most disappointing broken propeller.
Sad face.

I am really in to portraiture right now. This place has an impressive collection.

I am not totally sure what they are, but I think they are totally cool. Lighting images of lighting??

Bench with magazine holders and storage within.

Decanters. Always an antiquing staple.

This standing clock was really interesting. It has the moon faces that move with the time of year.

School house desk. This one was really neat.
I forgot to take photos, but on the other side was a small drawer that popped out, then swung forward.
I imagine it held the writing utensils for easy access.

I just really liked this transom window. Perhaps I am partial to the number 77.

There was a fantastic array of window glass to choose from.

Hub caps! A collection of vintage caps on the wall could be very interesting.

Wagons and vintage bikes!

My absolute favorite find, however, was these antique dominoes - bone and ebony with brass tacks.
I liked them so much, I brought them home with me for $20.


  1. Glad to see you back! And of course, congratulations on your new job!!! I know how you feel re: feeling a bit stretched and having zero time. Ughg.

    I think my favourite thing was the clock that changes with the seasons. How awesome. I'm such a nerd and I like changing decor with the seasons. I've already swapped lilac for red and brown.

    I need those decanters, that bench is way cute, and I'm so glad you picked up that domino set! Embarrassing confession - I don't know how to play. I just like all the black and white. I actually saw a kitchen that used them as tiling. It looked amazing.

    Just know that I am a lady in waiting. As patiently as I can on Instagram. No pressure.

    1. The dominoes I am thinking of arranging and putting into a frame. Not quite sure yet.
      I love the patina on them.

      I really liked the clock too. I couldn't get far enough back to take a photo of it, and part of the upper barn area had a beam you had to climb over in order to see the other side. It was like being a real treasure hunter.

  2. Replies
    1. Stop being so damn busy, so that you can come!!!

  3. Hi Pat,
    Apologies for posting on your personal blog, but I saw your Apartment Therapy comment on the bad roommate thread about your roommate who was growing marijuana in his room. I am currently working on a book of horrible roommate stories and would love to include yours if you are interested. You can read more about the book here: and hope to hear from you!



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