Sunday, 8 September 2013

Where Clocks Go To Die

This is the house where clocks go to die.

It feels like a sad and slightly morbid thing to say…  but it is kind of true.

I had a slight obsession with cloches, AKA the bell jar.
Having said that, I am cheap; no really! I seriously hate spending full price for anything. Anyone who has tried to go shopping for a cloche recently knows that they are pretty expensive. I am not totally sure why, but they are.

I have discovered some pretty easy ways to get what I want without paying the cash.
I introduce to you the Value Village mantle clock. Now, we are not talking anything really vintage. The ones I am picking up have plastic painted bases and parts, with glass domes on them. I usually get one for about $2.99.

Now I have a table full of these clocks with no domes. It is weird and a bit creepy, but also kind of interesting. Yes, I know this is a photo of a cloche inside of a cloche inside of a cloche.

There are other ways to end up with a cloche; for example, you can make one!

This one is super easy:
An upside down vase with knob glued on it. The trick is finding a vase that is curvaceous enough to be believable/natural.

I also found a vase with weird semi-opaque/iridescent base with a clear cover on top – these two seemed weird to me from the get-go. I felt like they should be two separate items. The opaqueness of the bottom makes means you aren't seeing anything that would require a glass top. So, I separated them.

The bottom made a really fun planter for my money tree (AKA Jade). Pair it with a tacky trophy that reminds me of an Oscar, and a decorative ball for a different texture, and yo have a happy little vignette.

The top became part of a display for my vintage view finder.
You might remember it from my lamp refurbishment in this post.

Cake toppers can make excellent displays! Like for my Rubik’s cube!

So what does one display in a bell jar?
Sometimes in our early twenties, we develop unhealthy obsessions with the movie Clerks, and have Jay, Silent Bob, and Walt Flannigan's dog. Just sayin'.

Maybe we saw a particular stirring rendition of the musical, Batboy, and bought the bobble-head?

Add a painted silver goat and the ticket from John Water's, This Filthy World where he signed your ticket, and touched your right hand... and you have precious memories!!  Find the related post here.

Or maybe you just had a cast done of your teeth, and you also found an adorable mini-cloche? 

What? Is that weird?
What am I trying to say?
I dunno. That I am cheap and weird?

Ya, that about sums it up.


  1. I don't think you're cheap or weird. Having said that, it's probably because I am both cheap and weird so that makes us on par. You are amongst friends.

    I think you know we share the same love for cloches. And I love how you've improvised with your own ones too! I made one out of an empty tumbler shaped glass Yankee candle. It was perfection.

    Oh, and YES on the Jay and Silent Bob. I still love all their movies. In my youth, I was Jay for Halloween. I should say, I'm naturally blonde, so no makeup, long blonde hair, old man pants and a big t-shirt = nailed it. I was so convincing as Jay that a couple of girls in my high school came up to me and said they were very confused about how they felt about me that day. Lewl.

    1. Ha!
      Love it.
      The Jay & Silent Bob dolls each have a button on the back; Jay's says all of the things you'd expect, while Bob's says absolutely nothing. I still push it every so often, just to see if that one time it will be Bob saying something profound. Still waiting.

    2. That is sheer brilliance on the manufacturers behalf.


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