Friday, 11 October 2013

Holiday Decor: All Hallows Eve

I have finally had a moment to do a little more blog-worthy things since I started at my new position.


Anyway, with the onset of October I felt the need to decorate a little.

This is what our front deck looked like at the beginning of the summer before my flowers bloomed, so it serves as a good before photo.

 It all started with some vinyl bat cutouts that we found at the new-to-Canada, Target.

I assembled them in an 'S' shape from smallest to largest, and I kinda like the outcome.

Then I decided to find a use for some of the Mason jars that have been collecting in the cupboard.

Because I am both cheap and lazy these days, I just wrapped the tops in twine to spruce them up a bit.

Add a few pumpkins, and a couple of autumnal mums, and it started to come together.

All I needed to complete the look was some tea lights!

I finally found a use for my awesome garden table from back in this post.


This was a super easy, fun project that just makes our front entrance that much more inviting.

This message is Grey-dog approved.


  1. Pat, your front porch is amaze-balls. I love how simple and rustic it is with the twine-Mason-jar-tea-lights, pumpkins and autumny flowers are. Oh, and obv. the Batman front door. Adore. Your thrifted table fits in perfectly. I like how the paint is still kinda chippy.

    I so wish we were neighbours.

    1. I totally wish we were neighbours too!
      Thanks for the support as usual, Alex. Loving your blog, big-time.

    2. What a coincidence... I am wearing an ugly cardigan, RIGHT NOW!

  2. LOVE the bats, Pat. Sweet! And love that you used that little table up front. Makes the porch homey.


    1. Thanks DDT!
      I am liking it more and more.
      Target has something, afterall!


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