Monday, 25 March 2013

Easy Artwork: Medical Illustration

I am kinda cheap and kinda resourceful, which is exactly what led me to this...

I am a fan of the morbid, as I recently spoke to a fellow blogger (Ciburbanity) about, and remembered I borrowed a book from my friends Justin & Kym. The book had these really great medical plates of the human body.

I have an 11x17 printer, so I just photocopied the ones I liked.
Today, I cropped them to eliminate the dark photocopy lines from where the page curls into the spine.

Then I simply used the paper that comes in the frame (IKEA, $3) flipped it over, and double-sided taped it down, centered. Looked a little too plain, so I then used a fine-liner ink pen to add some crossed lines.

Super simple!
Then I threw it back in the frames, put up some hanger hooks, and voila.


I think it looks great with my Mart Stam chairs...

Add a silver spray-painted goat (Why? Why NOT?) and the dome from a plastic-based, dated clock....

... and you got another great composition to include Bat Boy, too!
(I loved the musical so much, I bought the bobble-head)

Adding Grey-dog, always completes the look though.
To see more Grey-dog and other 'pets on furniture', see Desire To Inspire.
It pays to be cheap. 


  1. some days you scare me---hah--what goes on in that head of yours and what comes out ---well done tho--just dont put it in my room when i visit...i am to

  2. Okay I think you know how I feel about skulls. At running the risk of sounding like a stalker, once again Wheele, you hit the mark.

    p.s. Grey-dog {or is it just 'Grey'? I don't want to cause offence} is such a regal gentleman on his furniture. I adore his pointy ears. Such a cutie :)
    p.p.s. Yep, got my first sponsor. Still a bit shell shocked. I'm very conscious of it coming off too much as advertising/selling out though.

    1. He has many monikers, however, his full name is Greyson (he was the only grey coloured 'son' in the litter). I just tried like heck to avoid my hubby naming him 'Batman'. Turns out the name of Batman's first Robin, was Dick Greyson. Try as I might, we still ended up with the Batman connection. My husband has a troubling addiction to all things Dark Knight. He needs to go to Batman annonymous...
      Love that you have a sponsor! Don't be worried about it. It is what most bloggers aspire to, right?


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