Wednesday, 13 March 2013

You Just Died In My Arms Tonight

Rest in Peace.
I will always remember that first day I saw you; You were all perky and cute... quite the flirt.
Of course I had to pick you up... and I am embarrassed to say that I took you home that night.
But then I got you home, and managed to kill you...

If you hadn't noticed, I killed my corriander herb.
Sadly, I am a recovering black-thumbic.
My recovery is going well...however...

I bought a basil and parsley plant, and both are doing great!
We are going on 2 weeks without issue.

I have also managed to keep a snake plant alive for 2 months!!

Things went so well that I bought a second one a month ago.
I should admit that I specifically bought the snake plant because the tag said "likes to be ignored", and "tolerant". ;)

 Finally, and this is very exciting to me... I am not only maintaining life, but creating it.
I read somewhere that if you put your romaine lettuce stump in an inch of water, and change the water every day, it will re-grow its leaves.
The romaine on the right is a week old. The romaine on the left is 2 days old.

Happy Spring Everyone!!!


  1. I am envious of your ability to not murder plants. I am unfortunately, a plant killer. Not consciously. You name it, I've killed it. I literally cannot keep anything alive. The more I love it, the more prolonged its suffering.

    I might try your lettuce trick. Maybe its the soil that's deflecting my love ...

    1. Well, it wasn't always that way. It really comes down to my desperation to not kill things that can't speak up. Grey-dog gets fed because of his strict schedule, and ability to bark & throw his dish around. HA!

  2. don't forget to pinch back the basil or it will get "leggy".

    1. Hopefully, I will be doing a bit more cooking, and will be using it up! Thanks for the tip!!

  3. I love how you draw us in with your little keeps us coming back to see more...kk


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