Sunday, 23 December 2012

Junking: The 3 Week Binge

3 weekends of junking in a row!
My hubby, myself and our friend (who showed us a whole whack of junk shops that we had not yet discovered) went junking 2 weeks in a row, followed by another with just my hubby and me.

This is a piece that will certainly need some work, but I have big plans for it.
The artwork inside is garbage, but that isn't why I bought it.

LOVE this mid-century modern lamp.
A new lamp-shade and possibly some other changes, and this could be awesome.

Speaking of mid-century... These bar glasses were divine and had to be bought.

I have been looking for a record player and low-and-behold, here was one listed for $60 bucks.
I offered him $20, and he actually took it!

It works great, and when we bought our house, the previous owner had left some records in the shed!
Not bad!

Although I didn't buy this little beauty, it brought back memories of my childhood.
We had 2 matching lamps like this in our living room when I was young. Too funny.

LOVE attic finds. This was found next to the chair we found back from this post.
It looks like it might be a few years old. The plug on it certainly has some age, so me thinks it might be vintage.

I bought a goat.
What? Is that weird?

Oh, and very cool view-master! Works great, and has 10 discs for our viewing pleasure!

Finally, this little piece of Canadianna that I am so jiving on right now. I have some big plans for this one as well.

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