Sunday, 2 December 2012

Retro TV Tray Rendition

We, like many other families in the Western world, don't eat at the dinner table. There I said it.
Our dirty little secret is that we sometimes eat dinner in front of the TV.
Does this make us bad people?
Yes, but in an effort to make it easier to be bad people, I found some TV trays!!
Now we can eat in front of the TV in STYLE!

 Its original aesthetic is quaint, but not really in keeping with our personalities.

The original bronze-tan-brown of the legs is boring and unflattering, so they needed to be painted first.

Using masking tape, I taped off the black rubber feet and painted it red.

Using plastic wrap for the casters on the stand was perfect too.

After painting the trays a robin's egg blue, I then cut out a template to spray red designs on top.

Afterwards, I let the TV trays dry for a week.
Then I used paper cement as a mask so that I could make the designs a little less pristine.

The effect is great.
Here is the place setting design, after sprayed with blue, and then rubbing off the paper cement.

Our choice of words is a little naughty, but does have an edge that exemplifies our personalities.


  1. You crack me up! Another great project completed...PatC


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